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Lemon flavour has one word that describes it best - Refreshing. Lemon just has the ability to soothe your palate and giving your flavour profile a 360-degree sweep. The beauty of this flavour lies in how well it stands out across food categories right from savoury to sweet. A lemon pie is as relishing as a lemonade or a lemon-based mocktail. The perfect partner to alcoholic beverages. The tartness remains the star of this flavour, but the kind of tart that everyone loves. From meringue goodness to cheesecake brilliance, the lemon flavour shines through like no other. The pulpy goodness that lemon offers is compounded with the right mix of science and art within our labs to create this lemony goodness that leaves a refreshing punch. Whether you are using it to mask the flaws of your dish or let it be the stand alone shine through product, our lemon flavour does justice to the flavour notes you expect.

Applications Bakery, Confectionery, Food Flavours, Oil Soluble, Pharmaceuticals
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