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The juicy goodness of lychee flavour remains criminally unmatched in any other fruit. Lychee, unlike other fruits, has a distinctively different flavour profile that sets it apart from the rest, making it a popular favourite. The desirability our lychee flavour offers lies in the sweet taste and the sweetness of this wholesome. Our lychee hits all the right flavour spots that remain lingeringly on your tongue,(sounds something missing) letting you enjoy the sweetness of the dish. Whether it's planning to make an exceptional flavoured drink with a fruit punch to it or mixing it up with vanilla to create a magic of wholesome flavour in your dish, our lychee remains the star of the dish. Our flavour notes have been carefully balanced with the highest quality raw materials to leave an unmatched impact. Play around with your flavours as you plan to make heavenly alcohol based drinks or create unique chocolates using our lychee flavours, the outcome will leave you wanting to relish this flavour more. Pair it up with other flavours like gooseberry or ginger to make leave a burst of flavours that hits your senses in all the right ways.


Applications Bakery, Confectionery, Dairy, Food Flavours, Pharmaceuticals, Water Soluble
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