TEA TREE OIL (Pure and Natural)

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Tea tree oil has been used since ages for the range of benefits it promises to deliver to its clients.  Tea tree oil contains a certain pungency to its smell owing to all the goodness of antibacterial prowess that each molecule of tea tree oil offers. Our tea tree oil is known for not just its insect repellent properties, but also for accelerating would healing, fighting acne, ensuring the antibacterial effect on wounds and scars. It promotes healing and skin health. Often, wounds and acne have a host of bacteria which further deteriorate skin health. Our tea tree oil possesses high potency as it ensures the highest effectiveness against fighting microorganisms that may attach your skin, nails and wounds. It has a natural deodorant effect that leaves a distinctive aroma without having an off smell. Now add it as a part of your routine to reduce inflammation and acne-related issues. The best part is tea tree oil can be diluted with other oils and be used over a period of time, or as a daily application in a topical manner. 

Applications Air Care, Aromatherapy, Confectionery, Cosmetics, Fine Fragrances, Home Care, Personal Care, Pharmaceuticals
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