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Chocolate Flavour is the uncontested master of the Flavour world. The nutty, sweet and undeterred goodness and metability that the chocolate flavour offers are truly unmatched. Our flavour has been specially designed to replicate the sensation of gooey goodness that a pure chocolate slab offers you. Relish the richness of this molten masterpiece through our wonderfully mastered flavours that have managed to achieve the delectable balance that is much coveted. Indulge in all things sinful and goodness without adding a bunch of calories to your dish. Let our natural tasting chocolate flavour do the job of the real deal without you putting on those extra pounds. Sinful no more with our exceptionally flavourful chocolate flavours that have been created to replicate the beany notes of the Ghana cocoa beans mixes with the slight bitterness that blends well with the sweet notes. Our chocolate flavour has imbibed the right blend of all things cocoa, fruity and slight astringent balance. We have versions that offer creamy notes too.

Applications Bakery, Confectionery, Dairy, Food Flavours, Pharmaceuticals, Savoury, Water Soluble
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  • Mahendra Mehta

    Mahendra Mehta

    Very good flavour range
    4 years ago Reply