EUCALYPTUS OIL (Pure and Natural)

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Eucalyptus oil offers a herbaceous, fresh, cineolic fragrance  that remains familiar. This product has been used through the centuries all thanks to the range of benefits it continues to offer to its users. A great solution for a range of health benefits especially cold and cough as it fights against mucus build up. It inherent has anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties that will help patients heal faster in case of wounds. It is a naturally intense fragrant product that retains its fragrances over a large period. It has a freshness about it and a smell that is most familiar across households for home remedial treatments. It has a camphor-like smell and sharp pungency that allows for quick clearing of the pathway of throat and sinuses. It is a must-have home remedy especially to heal from common cold-related symptoms. It can be applied to the skin in small doses and not accessively. It keeps the ambience smelling fresh and earthy

Applications Air Care, Aromatherapy, Confectionery, Cosmetics, Fine Fragrances, Food Flavours, Home Care, Incense Stick, Personal Care, Pharmaceuticals
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