PEPPERMINT OIL (Pure and Natural)

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Retain the coolness and the mintiness that a peppermint oil extends. It has a sense of cooling that lasts over a long period, hours after the first application. It has been known for the range of health benefits that the product offers. Our refreshing peppermint oil has a menthol-like minty profile along with a refreshing note to it. The freshness and greenness of the product last as it also offers benefits to the skin, hair and more. Popularly it has been known to offer a range provide respite to those suffering from irritable bowel syndrome. It can also be applied topically to provide healing and relief from pain especially where itching is prevalent. It is known for its mouth hygiene-related effects.  Our product has a naturally high level of potency that makes it ideal for skin applications. Traditionally it has also been used in mouthwash like products to improve mouth hygiene

Applications Air Care, Aromatherapy, Confectionery, Cosmetics, Fine Fragrances, Food Flavours, Home Care, Personal Care, Pharmaceuticals, Savoury
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